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-<a href='http://​'>Commission Droid Review</a>+==== Open Discussion Day - 19th May ==== 
 +{{ :goodbye_legacy_im.png|}} Since 2006, on May 19<sup>th</sup>, we celebrate the Open Discussion Day, a day to promote open communication systems and protocols.
-How Android Forces you to A Mobile Millionaire.+Imagine an internet where it is only possible ​to send emails to people who used the same email provider as you, or only view websites that are hosted on your internet provider'​s servers. Naturally, these barriers go against the principles of the internet, and thankfully those days are long gone. Well... nearly.
-The<a href='​http://​'>​ Commission Droid </​a>​by peng li is often a software suite that pumps out Android Apps that are monetized ​in a variety of waysThat is a premier advanced android software. It has been developed throughout ​the last year and has been thouroughly tested and constantly upgraded. No coding here needed or skills. Commission Droid is surely an automated software that works well effectively!+Many people still rely on instant messaging and other networks which lock them in, and prevent them from chatting with their friends on other networks (except where certain "​business deals" are made)This is against ​the spirit of freedom of choice, ​and works in favor of the network providers, not you, the user.
 +So imagine an IM network where you are able to choose where you want your account, and who your contacts are. You are in control, and you can even run your own server if you want to!
-<a href='​http://​'>​Android</​a> ​is a free, open-source in line with the Linux kernel is especially created for devices with touch screens like mobile phones ​and tablet pc?s, Android has put together by outdoors Alliance for cellphones that run Google Inc.+Thankfully such networks exist, they are free to use, and they don't restrict you to one provider or one client. [[|XMPP]] (formerly named Jabber) ​is an example of popular ​open network ​and protocol.
-Android os system purchased from the real key developers on the system in the year 2005, if your official announcement was him within the November 5, 2007 in conjunction with the launch on the Open Alliance for mobiles.+Here you can learn [[why|why it's important to use open systems]]. You can also read about [[how Jabber/XMPP works]] and [[using Jabber|how to use it]].
-Google introduced Android system as open source under the Apache license, the Android open source project ​(AOSPmay be the team in charge of the development and modernization and reform in the system.+If you already have a Jabber ID or just created one, you can join xmpp:​ for discussion about the Open Discussion Day or xmpp:​ for general talk about Jabber/​XMPP. If you haven'​t yet created an accountyou can join the rooms via Web ([[https://​​|]],​ [[https://​​|]]). You can also join [[irc://​​opendiscussion|#​opendiscussion]] on
-The Android a tremendous community of developers who write and develop software and applications for Androidand rely totally on writing in Java.+==== TLS Everywhere ==== 
 +[[http://​​journal/​1496.html|May 192014 - permanent upgrade to encrypted XMPP network]].
-Google Play, a store can be obtained on the internet and for application on Android phones operated by GoogleIn September 2012, the quantity of existing applications store 675,000 application along with the volume of downloads download 25 billion+==== Social Networks ==== 
 +[[https://​​opendiscussionday|Facebook page]] ⁽¹⁾
-Android happens to be the most prevalent system of 500 million enabled devices ​and market participation rate of 62% and also the fastest growing by 1.3 million new phone does every day.+==== References ==== 
 +**(1)** We do not like the [[https://​​|Facebook]] policy but [[https://​​opendiscussionday|this page]] ​and events are here for communicate with "​fans" ​of this day. 
 +==== External Links ==== 
 +For other sites related to Open Discussion Day, Jabber/​XMPP, ​and other open networks and protocols, see our page of [[links]]...
-Slideshow Golden opportunity to generate a good income with <a href='​http://​'>​commission droid </​a>​by creating an apps. 
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