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-I own the product (unlike the other reviewer) so let me tell you that this is the [[http://​​wii-accessories/​wii-gun-steering-wheel.html|Wii Gun]] peripheral that has set the standard as the highest in it's class. The Zapper is plagued by it's design to be held with 2 hands to shoot, while this gun can be held with just one hand and you have the option of plugging in the nunchucks for games that require it. When testing the game with Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, it is very easy to aim with and the game feels much more fun with the [[http://​​wii-accessories/​wii-gun-steering-wheel.html|Wii Gun Controller]] (in my opinion this is how Resident Evil:UC was meant to be played). The remote slides in and it is held in place so you don't have to worry about the remote slipping off. For those wondering, there is no slot for the nunchuck (like the Zapper) only a slot for you to connect it so that you can hold onto it with your other hand. It feels like your holding a real [[http://​​wii-accessories/​wii-gun-steering-wheel.html|Wii Shooting Gun]] +
- and it has a sturdy feel to it (of course the color scheme might not represent a real gun, but guess that's a minor drawback and really I think the color scheme is fine as it matches with the Wii). Also this is priced fairly when compared to other guns available and the other [[http://​​wii-accessories/​wii-gun-steering-wheel.html|Wii Steering Wheel]] are not as good as you can tell from the reviews (exception would be the Zapper since it does come with a game).+