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Here's a more extensive list of Jabber/XMPP clients:

Desktop :

Client Windows Linux Mac OS
Adium No No Yes
Gajim Yes Yes Yes
Google Talk Yes No No
Kopete No Yes No
Miranda IM Yes No No
Pandion Yes No No
Pidgin Yes Yes No
Psi+ Yes Yes Yes
Swift Yes Yes Yes
Trillian Yes No Yes

Mobile :

Client Java Android iOS (iPhone) Symbian Blackberry
Bombus Yes No No No No
BombusMod Yes No No No No
IM+ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Palringo Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Talkonaut Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Trillian Yes Yes Yes No Yes

You even can connect using a PSP with PSPJabber, or using a Nintendo DS with JabberDS.

Web-based clients: Jappix, JWChat and Meebo.

For even more clients and also some descriptions, you may visit

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